Women against pit closures (WAPC) Pit camp history project


Seven pit camps were set up in 1993 in response to the announcement by the Government in October 1992, to close a further 31 deep mines.  This followed the closure of 125 mines since the end of the Miner’s Strike in 1985.  The book will focus on Houghton Main Pit Camp, which was supported by Sheffield WAPC and local women.  The book will include information on the other six pit camps set up at the same time.  The history of the 1984/85 miner’s strike is well recorded.  However, the story of the Women against Pit Closures (WAPC) Pit Camps set up in January 1993, is not.

If you would like to help us produce our book, ‘You can’t kill the spirit’ by making a contribution to the cost of the design work please let us know.  We think we will be in a better position to attract funding for the publishing of the book once we have a completed design to show potential funding bodies, and/or to crowd fund the printing of the book.  The aim is for the book to be primarily an image based book, of around 100 pages.  We aim to publish it later this year, 25 years after the pit camp, and 100 years after the beginning of the vote for women.

Contact/further information:

Sheffield Women against Pit Closures / Houghton Main Pit Camp

swapcpitcamp1993@gmail.com, or any of the following contacts:

Flis Callow (fcallow@gmail.com),
Caroline Poland (poland.cf@gmail.com),
Debbie Matthews (djmatthews@hotmail.co.uk)

Postal address: Sheffield WAPC c/o Caroline Poland, 6 Burnside Avenue, Sheffield S8 9FR

Can you help with funding?

WAPC are looking for people who might be prepared to give an unsecured loan (i.e. WAPC can’t be sure they will be able to repay it) or a donation towards the cost of the design work of the WAPC Pit Camp history book ‘You can’t kill the spirit’.  Further details attached.

Alternatively, if you have any ideas of funding sources please let WAPC know.  A copy of the WAPC appeal letter and financial pledge form is attached.

PitCampHistoryProject FundingAppealFeb2018

PitCampBook FinancialContributionAgreement