Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign – Another debate in the House of Lords on Orgreave Wednesday 20th July

In all the attention paid to Theresa May’s first Prime minster’s Question Time last Wednesday 20th July and Jeremy Corbyn/Andy Burnham question and debate on Orgreave with Amber Rudd, the new Home Secretary there was a parallel debate going on in the House of Lords again initiated by Lord Balfe ‘s urgent question on a full public inquiry into Orgreave.

Orgreave Public Inquiry

Here is an email that our supporter Tom Rowland sent to Amber Rudd. He has promised to share any response he receives.

Dear Ms Rudd,
just a few years ago I saw TV film footage of the police and pickets trouble at the Orgreave coking plant on the Sheffield and Rotherham boundary on June 18th 1984/85. What shocked me in particular was the behaviour of the South Yorkshire Police. It appeared that the whole of the South Yorkshire Police actions were militarily organised. The way the South Yorkshire Police ranks which was several lines deep opened in unison to allow  South Yorkshire Police with truncheon, which on horse back are longer than standard issue so they are able to strike people stood on the ground, to charge in cavalry formation at pickets dressed in trainers, jeans and tee-shirts. The mounted  South Yorkshire Police were not used to prevent the pickets from blocking the lorries from entering the coking plant but a deliberate act to injure the pickets legal industrial action. I’ve spoken to miners who were there on that day they say they were chased by the mounted South Yorkshire Police for  some considerable distance  they’re only escape was to hide behind walls and trees again this can be verified by TV film coverage. I cannot believe the actions of South Yorkshire Police if I’d seen this police action on TV and not known the country it had occurred in I would have thought it had happened in some dictatorial country.
I watched the Orgreave debate in the House of Commons and was extremely please that you  had contacted the Orgreave Truth and Justice secretary Barbara Jackson saying that you would study the IPCC report into the policing by the South Yorkshire Police at Orgreave. I would request that a full public inquiry be set up to investigate the whole of the Orgreave action.
 Yours sincerely
Tom Rowland.

Mining the Memories – A Piece of Coal / Coke Not Coal



For our short film “A Piece of Coal” we are looking for men and women between 17-­‐80 to play miners and miners’ wives in the 1980’s.

When: Thursday 21st of July
Needed: 20-­‐40 miners and miners’ wives (men and women)
Age: 17-­‐80
Where: Barnsley
Time: All day (09:00 –17:00)
About the project: “A Piece of Coal” is a script written as part of the “Mining the Memories” project. In this project, the personal memories and experiences of the participants are being used to produce a series of films exploring the history of Yorkshire mining communities, particularly with regard to the 1984-­‐85 conflict.

The films are all made in partnerships between professional practitioners, academic researchers, senior participants, volunteers and Northern Film School students. It’s an intergenerational project where everyone can learn from each other, but which is also overseen by professionals. The “Mining the Memories” films will be shown at
Leeds International Film Festival, Sheffield Doc Fest, Bradford City of Film, and Labour Film Festival in Manchester in London. 

Expenses covered and food/refreshments provided. For more information and/or if you are interested in being part of our project on one or both of these days, please send an e-­‐mail with picture to:

Draft motion of support for OTJC

This motion prepared by the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign and supported by the TUC is for use by political and trade union branches, councils or other organisations to demonstrate their support for the campaign.


This [political party/trade union/Council/other organisation] wants to put  on record its call for a full public inquiry into the actions of the police at the Orgreave coking plant on 18th June 1984 during the miners’ strike of 1984-85.

Along with ex miners, their families, campaigners from the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, this [organisation] waited patiently for nearly 2 and half years for the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) to complete their “scoping” exercise, investigating whether to investigate the actions of the police on that day.

The IPCC report conceded that “the unwillingness to disclose evidence of wrongdoing by officers does raise doubts about the ethical standards of officers in the highest ranks of the South Yorkshire Police at the time”.

The Home Office at this point issued the following statement:-

 “The Home Secretary will consider any request she receives to set up a public inquiry into Orgreave”.

 The Home Secretary has been in receipt of the legal submission submitted by the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, since 15th December 2015 and as not yet responded to requests for 2nd meeting with Theresa May.

This [organisation] believes that the issue of Orgreave is of local and national importance to all the public as the style of policing undertaken at the time was in our names. A full investigation into the military style policing used on that day is now long overdue and only a full public inquiry can fully investigate this.

This [organsiation] therefore calls on the new Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, to order a full public inquiry into the deployment and actions of the police on 18th June 1984 and to conduct meaningful discussions with Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, The NUM and concerned MPs.

Download a PDF draft here: motion for full public inquiry to AR plus meeting

Caesar in a Lift

Curved Edge Theatre

What would you say if you met Caesar in a lift in Sheffield in the 1980s? The miners’ strike is ongoing and Caesar doesn’t know himself. Then the lift breaks. A union man and a university professor are among the characters trying to work out what’s going on with the lift, their lives and society in general. And how to call the engineer. Curved Edge Theatre bring an exciting fresh new play to Edinburgh about a key period of history. Where did it all go wrong? Come along, see (tempers fray) and conquer engineering faults.

Age category: 16+

David Hopper RIP


The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign today pays its respects to Davey Hopper, the Durham Miners Leader, responding to the news of Davey’s passing. 

Joe Rollin Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign said;

“Davey was a giant of the Trade Union movement, a formidable figure maybe known best for his quick wit and sometimes brutal put downs of our opponents, however for those who knew him best Davey was one of the most caring and kindest Trade Union leaders.

“Our thoughts are with Davey’s family, friends and comrades. Davey’s memory will live on through the Durham Miners Gala and we will continue the fight for a better society.”

Here is a fitting tribute written by Davey’s friend and former colleague Dave Proctor.

In memory of Davey Hopper

Davey Hopper was a true class warrior and fighter
He wanted a socialist future that was for all brighter
He led the Durham miners for over 30 years
He was loved and admired by all his peers

He organised the Durham Big Meeting
A gathering that will take some beating
He wanted justice, fairness and equality for all
Everyone at Durham heard his rallying call

He fought and supported workers across the land
Marched behind the banner and brass band
His memory and legacy will live on
One day his hopes will surely be won

Rest in peace our comrade
Foundations have been laid
Now it’s up to us to take up the fight
To get what’s is ours by right