Donating to the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Below is a draft letter that can be used or adapted to circulate to make a request for donations to the campaign. 

The 1984-85 miners’ strike has over the years produced a range of events and activities throughout Britain celebrating and commemorating the epic struggle. Many of these events have an input or presence from the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign. 

Since our formation in 2012 the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign has gone from strength to strength campaigning for a public inquiry into state organised police brutality used against striking miners at Orgreave in June 1984. This Conservative Government continues to refuse any kind of inquiry, so we continue with our vibrant and high profile campaign. We have a commitment for an inquiry in the Labour manifesto and we have mass support from the Labour and Trade Union movement.

We are writing to you to appeal for funds to support our ambitious activities. All our funding comes from activists and the Labour and Trade Union movement either through donations or buying our fundraising merchandise. We really appreciate all the help and support we get. However, as you know, the Covid pandemic has really taken its toll on us and many individuals and organisations financially. We need to carry on fundraising to continue with our campaigning and our fantastic work.

Please consider making a donation from your Trade Union Branch, Political or Community Organisation. 

You can organise make a payment into our Campaign PayPal account on the PayPal DONATE section which can be found on the home page on our website. Link here:

Or you can make a cheque payable to: Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign and post to us. Please email us at to find out where to post your cheque to. 

Please visit our web page for more information about our events and activities.

Thank you for your continued support.

Solidarity and best wishes 

Kate Flannery 


Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign