Get Councils to Support the Campaign

The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign would like to ask your Council to pass a resolution to support the Campaign and contact the Home Secretary to ask her to order a Public Inquiry into the events at Orgreave on June 18th 1984.

We have received magnificent support from a number of Councils throughout the country and are hoping that we can get much more support to help us succeed with our request for an Inquiry. We have also received a lot of support from many Labour Party, Trade Union colleagues and branches and political and social justice organisations throughout the country showing that this is not just an issue affecting the north of England.

See a list of councils and links already on board here

Barnsley Council


Sheffield Council


Doncaster Council


Wakefield Council

Bradford Council


Rotherham Council


Derbyshire Council‘appalling’-says-council/42284


Derby City Council

Please view the link below of Derby City Council full council meeting , with a motion on the agenda deploring Amber rudd’s decision not to hold any type of inquiry into the events at the Orgreave Coking Plant, edge of Sheffield and Rotherham 18/6/84 when 95 miners were arrested and falsely charges with riot and unlawful assembly. the debate starts approx 38 minutes into the meeting with the motion proposed by Labour councillor Paul Bayliss and seconded by Labour Councillor Anderson. the motion was passed unanimously along with strong vocal support from the public gallery from an ex miner.

Durham Council


Bolsover Council

Letter to Amber Rudd from Bolsover Council

West Lancashire Council

We done it, we got the motion passed.
Claire moved the motion and I do believe we are the first Labour group in Lancashire and maybe this side of the Pennines to push the Orgreave Truth And Justice Campaign.
We had  a double result as the Tories walked out on mass on the previous Motion. They showed their true colours.
Appalling behaviour by the Conservative Group at West Lancs Borough Council A staged walk out refusing to engage with motions on the low pay of public sector workers, the impact of taxation on small businesses, Justice for Orgreave miners, WASPI women and a Minister for Older people. Obviously  nothing of importance to the Conservative Group. They don’t want to  debate and don’t feel they have to represent their constituents. Very poor.
This Guys should give us maximum exposure in the press. A result.

Leeds City Council

An extract from a recent council meeting is included below:

COUNCILLOR S McKENNA: Pleasure to ask this. Please can the Leader of Council confirm if she supports the Orgreave Truth and Justice campaign?

THE LORD MAYOR: Councillor Blake.

COUNCILLOR BLAKE: Thank you, Lord Mayor. Councillor McKenna. Yes, I can confirm that I support the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign. All colleagues will be aware that many people from Leeds supported the Miners’ Strike back in the early 1980s, not least those who lived in former mining communities in this city but also those who were on the picket line at Orgreave Coking Plant on 18th June in 1984. Many Members of this Council at the time worked tirelessly to support the families involved in the strike at that particular time.

At the end of October last year the Home Secretary ruled out an inquiry into the events of that dreadful day. To say that this is a disappointment to those former mining communities and all those who support the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign is an understatement.

Can I remind everyone in Council, the campaign is strictly non-political and welcomes support from all those with genuine concern, particularly around the deception and covering up of events that happened at Orgreave that day. I think all of us only have to look at the footage of the events of that day to know something was very, very seriously wrong.

95 miners who took part in a peaceful picket were arrested and charged with riot offences – later all acquitted among claims that the police had fabricated evidence. There were also claims that police attacked the peaceful protestors. Miners suffered this just for exercising their right to protest against the threat to their jobs, their industry and their communities.

The redacted report of the Independent Police Complaints Commission released in June 2015 found evidence of excessive violence by police officers, a false narrative from police exaggerating violence by miners, perjury by officers giving evidence to prosecute the arrested men and an apparent cover up of that perjury by senior officers.

In the light of these statements it is very surprising indeed that the Home Secretary does not think there are any lessons to be learned from any review of these events and in such close proximity to the inquiry and Inquest into Hillsborough, this is very surprising indeed.

Let us think about those miners, their wives and their families who suffered so much at the time and all that has been left of their reputation as the years have gone by.

I would like very much to ask all the other Groups on this Council to join with me to sign a letter that I will be writing to the Prime Minister in support of the campaign to call for a change of approach from the Government towards the scandalous decision not to order an inquiry. Thank you. (Applause)

THE LORD MAYOR: Councillor McKenna, have you got a supplementary?

COUNCILLOR S McKENNA: I would like to applaud the Leader for her comments there and I would come in and add that it would be nice if we had full party support on this. Thank you.”

The full transcript of the meeting is available at the link below (the information about OTJC is included on pages 45 and 46).



We have included a model resolution below but please use your own resolution if you think that is more appropriate. If you require a speaker or more information please do not hesitate to contact us. 

You can easily find your local councillor’s information and contact details here –

The Orgreave Campaign advices anyone contacting Amber Rudd, Home Secretary to also forward their email  to

Draft request and model motion here:

Leader of ????????????? Council

Councillor ??????????

Dear Councillor ????

‘This Council is concerned and disappointed by the Home Secretary’s rejection on the 31st October, 2016 of an Inquiry into the policing of events at Orgreave.

This Council observes that the Independent Police Commission said in their redacted report released in June 2015 “that there was evidence of excessive violence by police officers, and a false narrative from police exaggerating violence by miners, perjury by officers giving evidence to prosecute the arrested men, and an apparent cover-up of that perjury by senior officers”.

This Council believes in the light of such statements that the Home Secretary needs to review her decision and ensure that there is a full public inquiry into the events at the Orgreave coking plant on 18th June 1984.

This Council notes that 95 miners were arrested and charged with offences, but were all later acquitted amid claims that police at the time had fabricated evidence.

 The Council will write to the Home Secretary and ask that she takes into account the opinion of this Council and accepts that there is widespread public concern about events at Orgreave and calls for her to order an inquiry into them’.