Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Vote Labour General Election 2017

The OTJC will be calling on our supporters to Vote Labour on June 8th, the Labour Party is the only party that has promised to grant us an inquiry. The OTJC has issued the statement below, we will also be holding public street stalls stunts and a giant electronic advert in Sheffield along with our usual public speaking engagements and online campaigning see some examples at the bottom of this page 
Press Release

Vote for Truth, Vote for Justice, Vote for Labour

Vote for a Labour Victory on 8th June for an Orgreave Inquiry

The Conservatives constant covering up of the Thatcher Government’s involvement in the 84/5 Miners strike and the conduct and impunity of the police is deeply disturbing.

A full public inquiry into government participation and police operations at Orgreave is essential in order to establish the truth and justice required to enable Miners and their communities to move on. It is clear that the Conservatives are protecting the government of the 1980s who engineered and authorised police brutality against striking Miners and used what ever methods they deemed necessary to demonise and undermine workers fighting for their jobs and communities.

The destruction by the Conservatives of the coal industry and other major British industries in the 1980’s has paved the way for the mass privatisation of public services, reduction of workers rights, demonising and punishing the poor through housing and welfare reforms and encouraged xenophobia. The Conservative ideology of divide and rule which has led to a ‘dog eat dog’, ‘I’m alright Jack’ society where politicians telling lies has become ‘normal’ has left many people feeling disenfranchised and powerless. The increasing use of food banks is amongst the many inhumane, unacceptable consequences of a Conservative government. Electing a Labour Government will help to reverse this.

Craig Mansell, Miner arrested at Orgreave and member of the OTJC said “We must elect a Labour Government to ensure we get the Public Inquiry we and the Labour Party believe is essential to uncover the plans made to equip the police to attack and brutalise striking Miners”

Barbara Jackson, Secretary of OTJC said “The OTJC has received incredible support from the Labour Party including the Leader Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott, Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper. The Conservatives have made it clear to us that they will not hold an Inquiry. Having a Labour Government is essential to get the truth and justice we all deserve”