Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

TUC Conference

Dear supporters,
We had a very successful 5 days at TUC conference in Brighton, selling our merchandise to raise funds and meeting lots of influential Trade unionists who will help us carry our campaign further. As ever the ripples of meeting people carry far and wide and quite often we do not always know the effect we have but see below the link to an interesting blog by Dr Chris Cocking (who saw our stall) tactics and training of UK police forces by Hong Kong Police in preparation for strikes and public demonstrations.
We are now heavily involved along with a legal team working pro bono in preparing the legal submission to be handed to Theresa May in the early Autumn.
We still want invitations to speak to meetings and i refer you to our web site and the Tab, “Getting Involved” where there is a template motion that can be used at political and trade union branches or as the basis for a letter to Theresa May urging her to grant a full public inquiry as this would be in the public interest as well as justice for the mining communities involved in the 84/5 strike.