Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Davey Hopper – an honourable man and a true and trusted friend

The latest Murdoch Media smears designed to undermine the dead Trade Union leader Dave Hopper must be a new low even for them. Allegations by the right wing media implying Davey Hopper made financial gains through miners compensation claims are also being used as another opportunity to attack Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Chair of OTJC, Joe Rollin said: “Davey Hopper was an honourable and principled man. He never grew rich on money taken from miners’ compensation.  This is a disgusting slur on a great man, almost two years after his death and is being used as part of an attack on Jeremy Corbyn”

Kevin Horne, ex Miner and OTJC activist said: “Davey cannot defend himself but his record can, his dedication to his union and his community, his unstinting fight for his class and his commitment to justice speak volumes of the man. The OTJC regarded him as a trusted and true friend and his spirit lives on through the Durham Miners Gala”