Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Message of Support from Sheila Coleman of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign

In order to understand the policing if Hillsborough it is necessary to understand the policing of the miners strike in the 1980’s.

South Yorkshire Police Force is the common denominator that unites Orgreave and Hillsborough. This police force were responsible for policing both of these major events. The recent report into the Hillsborough Disaster formally recorded what most of us already knew; not only was the disaster caused by the breakdown of control by South Yorkshire police,but they also then proceeded to orchestrate a coverup on a scale beyond anything ever recorded.

Those of us who were present at the inquests in Sheffield heard senior police officers refer to the crowd on the day of the disaster in relation to the policing of the miners strike. Indeed their experience of the miners strike was used as a positive indicator of their ability to police large crowds.

The people of Liverpool supported the miners and their families during their courageous fight in the 1980’s. In the same spirit of solidarity, the Hillsborough Justice Campaign extends it’s support to the Orgreave campaign for truth and justice. The corrupt policing of working class communities throughout the Thatcher years must be rigorously investigated and truthfully recorded in history in order for justice to be served.


Together we are strong

Sheila Coleman

(on behalf of HJC)