Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Miners and Supporters vs Durham Rugby Students

The Orgreave Truth and Justice (OTJC) received information today that the Durham Rugby Students had planned a social event / competition on 29th November. This event which has been promoted on social media, seems to have been organised as a spoof fancy dress re-enactment of the police attacking Miners at the Orgreave coking plant in 1984, backed by Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet. The advert for the event uses vicious and cruel false stereotypes about Miners, makes fun of what happened to the Miners when they were brutally attacked by police at Orgreave and encourages participants in this spoof to be confrontational and violent.

OTJC utterly condemns this type of atrocious, tasteless, insulting and divisive event. We are pleased that Durham University have put out a statement deploring the planned event and announced that the students have now cancelled it and are considering what action the University will be taking against the students.

Durham has a proud tradition of mining, mining communities and an annual Durham Miners Gala organised by the Durham Miners Association (DMA). The DMA work positively to promote the proud social and political history of the area and this wonderful annual Gala attracts participants from all over Britain. It is an honour for OTJC to have strong links with the DMA and the magnificent city of Durham.

Please see the list of contacts below to write a letter and / or register your complaints against the activities of the Durham Rugby Students.

Durham University
Vice Chancellor of the University
Professor Stuart Corbridge
Vice-Chancellor and Warden
Durham University
Palatine Centre
Stockton Road
Durham, DH1 3LE


His assistant

Denise Baker
Executive Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor
Telephone: 0191 334 6214

Trevelyan College
Professor H. Martyn Evans
tel:+44 (0) 191 33 47042

Durham Sudents Union
Megan Croll


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