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Tony Wright, the man behind Barnsley’s political punk band The Hurriers, has organised a benefit and awareness gig for the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign. The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign includes ex-miners, Trades Unionists, activists and others who are determined to get justice for miners who were victims of police lies and cover ups at Orgreave in June 1984.
For those of you who don’t already know, the aim of the Orgreave Truth and Justice campaign is to bring justice to those who suffered the lies, cover-ups and false imprisonments during the aftermath of picketing at the Orgreave coking plant in June 1984 as part of the 84/85 Miners strike. Following on from the hard won victory of the Hillsborough campaign, supporters of the Orgreave Truth and Justice campaign are striving to expose the truth about what really
happened during those dark times and they deserve all the support we can give them.

Tony said exclusively to Alternative Barnsley, I’ve organised the gig for Saturday 5th October at Lucorum in town. I’m very excited about the line up I’ve managed to bring together a top bill, which will include Thee Faction, who are coming all the way from London. It’s quite a coup to get all nine members to come North and play a small venue in Barnsley and I reckon they’ll blow the roof off Lucorum on a Saturday night! I am equally as chuffed to have secured Quiet Loner from Manchester. However, the final name on the bill is one of the UK’s biggest up-and-coming names in Indie right now, John Lennon McCullagh. He’s fifteen year old, from Donnie and has already been signed by Alan McGee’s new label.’

As well as these three very special guests, Tony’s band The Hurriers will also play. The band was formed specifically to play benefit gigs for a variety of causes but have gone and gained quite a following since.
Tony also explains that ‘the young are our future and the gig has deliberately been made accessible to 14′s and over. There is currently a fantastic music scene in Barnsley with many of the bands currently taking part in the vibrant town music scene featuring ever younger members.’ And so whilst due to town licensing laws under 18′s will need to leave the
venue before 11.00pm, this will give them plenty of opportunity to see all four bands and get a taste of what a politically focused gig is all about.

Tony also explains that he is also working on arranging a pre-gig event at the NUM HQ on Victoria Road, which will feature speakers and acoustic performances from all the acts on the bill.

THEE FACTION, QUIET LONER, JOHN LENNON MCCULLAGH, THE HURRIERS & tune spun by DJ MEGS Tickets are available from Debut Records on The Arcade.


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