Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Orgreave call for support

As you will be aware Amber Rudd gave the date of the end of October if not before for her announcement on whether she will grant the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign a full public inquiry re the policing of the Orgreave Coking Plant 18/6/1984 when 95 miners were arrested and charged with riot and unlawful assembly.
We are being advised that we need a presence at Westminster on the day to respond to the announcement when it is made in Parliament. We have pressed for early notification of the announcement and to date we have not received a positive response to this request.
This message is to ask our supporters if they are able to travel to Westminster at very short notice and take part in a short demonstration in the near vicinity which will either be a celebration of a positive decision or a commendation of a negative one or something in-between. All reasonable travel and refreshments expenses will be covered by the campaign though in some cases this will have to be in retrospective.
Our London supporters will be there and will be joined by a few South and West Yorkshire supporters who will take charge on the day and a couple of these people will be nominated to be the our main media spokespeople.
If you feel you will be able to respond at short notice please email with your name, address and mobile number and we will get back to you.
Many thanks for your continuing support and commitment to our campaign.
Barbara Jackson / Joe Rollin
Chair Person &
Secretary Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign