Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Orgreave Campaign New Year Revolution!

The OTJC was set up in 2012 to fight for an inquiry into the Police Riot at Orgreave on June the 18th 1984. This resulted in 95 striking miners being beaten up, fitted up and locked up on trumped up charges. Although the trial against the miners collapsed because of police fabrication of evidence, no one has ever been held to account for the actions of the police that day. 

The Orgreave Campaign would like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters and to commit to another busy year of campaigning activities in 2021 which will include:

  • Continuing the pressure on the Conservative Government to reverse their decision not to order an inquiry.
  • Working with the Trade Union and activist movement to shine a light on the events at Orgreave and throughout the year long miners’ strike.
  • Building on the solidarity we have forged with other working class justice campaigns.
  • Holding our annual orgreave rally on Saturday 19th June hopefully on the streets this year, COVID Permitting 

Photograph by Neil Terry Photography