Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

LUSH #Spycops

OTJC backs LUSH support for Campaign to expose undercover policing ‘Spycops’ scandal

The ongoing Public Inquiry into undercover policing should be rigorously bringing this to public examination but Campaigners feel the inquiry is protecting the police officers involved. Police Spies Out of Lives campaigners are exposing the actions of a specific group of undercover police officers based in London who used the fake names of children who had died to infiltrate animal rights organisations and form close bonds with individual activists. A number of these officers established intimate relationships with women campaigners and then ‘disappeared’ from this ‘fake’ existence.

The bathing and cosmetics company LUSH is supporting Campaigners with a LUSH advertising campaign, condemning the role of these undercover police. The OTJC fully supports LUSH in their attempts to focus attention on the distasteful and concerning deployment of undercover police officers who duped women activists into false relationships in order to spy on their animal rights activities. In the interest of transparency we support LUSH in highlighting and denouncing this betrayal. LUSH have made it very clear that they are not anti police and are not attacking the police in general but want to support the police in promoting the highest and honest standards of policing. OTJC condemns those who have sought to misrepresent the LUSH campaign.