Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign


The multi award winning British television and film director, Ken Loach has consistently supported the miners, mining communities, the National Union of Mineworkers and the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign. 

Ken has devoted much time and energy along with other activists, meeting and speaking with many people about ensuring our NHS is rescued from privatisation, our economy is boosted by secure employment and people have access to food and warm and comfortable homes. Like many activists Ken has campaigned for real change to prioritise publicly funded public services and promote kindness and compassion to some of the most vulnerable people in our society. He gives his time, skills and resources whenever and wherever he can.

Kate Flannery, Secretary of OTJC said: “Ken’s recent film ‘Sorry We Missed You’ highlighted the misery caused for workers employed in ‘Gig Economy’ low waged, insecure, zero hours jobs. His film ‘I, Daniel Blake’ emphasised the poverty and distress caused by the benefits system and reliance on food banks. Ken’s films resonate with the life experiences of many people living in Tory Britain today. He is one of our greatest film directors and it is in honour for the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign to have worked with him and be supported by him” 

John Dunn, ex miner, attacked by police and arrested during the 84/5 Miners strike said: “What the Tories did to the miners and our communities paved the way for what we endure today. The Tories damaging Universal Credit system has plunged people into further poverty, delayed payments are causing hunger and debt. This situation is designed to frustrate and humiliate people so that they drop out of the system and stop pursuing their right to ask for and receive necessary support. Ken Loach’s brilliant 1960’s film about homelessness ‘Cathy Come Home’ is still so very relevant in 2021”

Thank you Ken Loach for all you do. Many are fortunate to have your support and solidarity and the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign send our support and solidarity to you.