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Somerset Clarion Archive


Pleaser find below a link to a complete scanned collection of the west country radical socialist journal, the Somerset Clarion.

This was the journal of the Somerset Community Defence Campaign, which was formed in July 1985 out of all the Somerset Miners’ Support Groups from the year-long strike, against colliery closures, and to defend colliery communities, that ended in March of that year.

The journal was launched in September 1985 and ran until June 1997.

SCDC was, we believed, the longest running NUM support group, apart from the nationally-organised Justice for Miners Campaign.

Local Labour Parties as well as trades unions were affiliated to the SCDC, but both journal and campaign were fiercely independent and passionately non-sectarian!

The Clarion editions are now, of course, part of Somerset working-class radical history, and I hope you find browsing through these editions interesting and informative. 

Thanks to Simon Hannah, London, for taking the time and trouble to scan these editions and making them more widely available. 

Having the Clarions scanned means I can now deposit the originals in a safe archive for posterity.

Dave Chapple,