Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

With Banners Held High – Fringe Event – Friday 17th May – Durham Women’s Banner Group

Of Whole Heart Cometh Hope – Story of a Womens Banner – FILM & Q&A hosted by the Durham Women’s Banner Group. 

In July 2018 a large collection of women marched in the Durham Miners’ Gala as the first ever all female group affiliated to the Durham Miners Association. This was a hugely important step forward for the recognition of the support women offered during the miners’strikes. However this group of women marched not only for one cause but for many causes, protests and celebrations. Of Whole Heart Cometh Hope – Story of a Womens Banner tells the story of how The Women’s Banner Group came to fruition, displaying the courage, enthusiasm and determination of the women involved in making a statement for women’s rights and equality. The documentary follows the Banner Group from inception through to their epic inaugural Gala Day. A heartwarming, emotional and empowering journey.