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women against pit closures

Barnsley Miners Wives Action Group

Dear Comrades

You will be aware that Barnsley Miners Wives Action Group grew out of the Women Against Pit Closures movement during the great strike of 1984/85. Since that time the original founders, Betty Cook and Anne Scargill have continued to be active within the Union and Labour movement and are still familiar faces on parades, marches and picket lines to this day. Anne and Betty became friends during the strike, they continue to agitate and organise themselves and now they would like to educate by writing something in their own words.

Many articles have been written about the strike, its aftermath and legacy and the way this continues to resonate in these times. Much has also been written by academics about the role of the women’s support groups. Until now, very little of the women’s own writing has been published. Anne and Betty wish to address this and are currently writing their own memoir, in their own voices. We believe this will be a unique piece of working class literature. We hope to publish in the summer of 2020. The book will give the story the dignity it deserves and will be a bespoke hardbound volume with many illustrations. It will tell the whole story from the women’s childhoods, through marriage, to being mothers, grandmothers and of course activists.

We have been made aware of what costs such a publication would entail and we are writing to you to ask if you might consider making a donation towards this project. Every organisation and individual who helps us will of course receive a prominent acknowledgement in the book.

We sincerely hope you can help us with this project. We want to tell a story that will inspire generations of working class women to come. If you can help please get in touch with the campaign at 

In Solidarity

Betty Cook

Anne Scargill.