Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign
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Battle of Orgreave

Battle of Orgreave
Ed Pickford

Horses charge across the screen
Not since Peterloo is seen
Such a fight and flight obscene
As on the fields of Orgreave

Truncheons curving in the air
Unarmed victims running there
Justice gazes in despair
At scenes on fields of Orgreave

We don’t see the unseen hand
That conducts this brutal band
Dishing out a lesson planned
Upon the fields of Orgreave

June of 1984
Superstate that Orwell saw
Tyranny of martial law
Runs red on fields of Orgreave
1812 the soundtrack played
To this modern light brigade
Now they hope the shame will fade
Displayed on fields of Orgreave

Orgreave is a can of worms
Deep inside the real truth squirms
Outside cold injustice burns
About the fields of Orgreave

Yes it’s true that no one died
Yes it’s true policemen lied
Failed to jail all those they tried
Snatched from fields at Orgreave

Justice is an uphill fight
Mighty might avoids the light
It prefers the cloak of night
To dawn on fields of Orgreave

War will live upon the screen
Memories they can’t wash clean
Truth & justice we will glean
From the fields of Orgreave

Now there are no horses hooves
But persistence often proves
Strength of will a mountain moves
So says the fields of Orgreave

And the new fight has begun…………