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Belonging – The Truth Behind the Headlines

We received an email today from Morag Livingstone, the Director and producer of an important new film. The OTJC fully supports the release of this film, some of our activists and founding members were involved in its creation please download and be part of this fantastic initiative. Here’s the email:

We are delighted to announce that  Belonging The Truth Behind the Headlines feature documentary … is now available for PRE-ORDER online viewing during a LIMITED period of time up to the election and Ofcom’s report on Sky. Orders can be made to 13th June.

We are releasing the film for a short and exclusive period outside of the traditional “film release window” because of the current political environment and Murdoch’s bid for Sky – we beleive people need to know who holds the power, and how they are using it – and the impact on Human rights of all.  We will then need to “pull” the film from online so the cinema screenings can happen – in June and July – it will go online again after the cinema run.  But frankly,  the story is too important to keep to traditional distribution.

As a supporter we shall send you a link soon so you can watch it online for free  – as a small way of thanks.  In the mean time – please can you share this limited release  –  so the truth about who holds the power and events in the film are revealed and heard. The film can be pre-ordered now and available for viewing after the preview screenings (London, Glasgow and Stoke-on-Trent) for media and guests which happen next week and the week after (release 26th May).

Some information and links are below – so please forward this email, and promote on social media and tell your friends about this “must watch” and important film.

Thank you again for all your support.  We could not have told this story of truth and power with out you.

All the best,


Director / Producer (Belonging: The Truth Behind the Headlines)

Film information:

Director / Producer


Twitter: @medialiving



Three Companies. Three Industrial Disputes. Three Governments. The untold truth behind the headlines