Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Books and DVD’s about the Miners Strike.

List of books and dvds to read or watch which will give a greater understanding of the issues of the miners’s strike.

Books DVDs
A Coalfield in Chaos by Ken Ambler self published The Price of Coal by Ken Loach
Policing The Miners’ Strike edited by Bob Fine and Robert Millar published by Lawrence and Wishart The Last Strike St Helens, Lancs 198/5 by D H Masson and A M Poupon
Deep Digs Cartoons of the Miners’ strike published by Pluto Press Dole not Coal 1984/5 Miner’s Strike, The Striker’s Story by Compress Media
The Cutting Edge, women and the Pit Strike edited by Vicky Seddon, published by Lawrence and Wishart We are not Defeated North Staffs Miners’ Wives Action Group
Digging Deeper edited by Huw Beynon – published by Verso The Miners’ Campaign Tapes British film Institute
Shafted: The Media, the Miners’ strike and the Aftermath edited by Granville Williams published by Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom Battle of Orgreave by Yvette Vanson
The Enemy Within, The Secret War Against the Miners by Seamas Milne published by Pan Books Banner TheatreBurning Issues The Miners 1984-2004. They also did one on The Battle of

Saltley Gate from the 1972 strike. email or go to

The Miners’ Strike 1984/5 in Pictures a News Line Publication
Unfinished Busines The miners’ strike for jobs 1984-5 by Peter Arkelland Ray Rising Lupus Books (2009)
No Redemption The 1984-85 miners’ strike in the Durhan coalfield KeithPattison David Peace Flambard Press (2010)
GB84 by David Peace (a well-researched novel about the strike)published I think by Faber.
Geoffrey Goodman’s TheMiners’ Strike Pluto Press 1985