Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Chance to bid for Francesca Martinez’s book “What is Normal”

Celebrated on the comedy circuit for her biting brand of stand up – comedian, actress, writer and political campaigner Francesca Martinez has shown her support for the Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign. Francesca has very kindly donated a signed copy of her book – the funny and warm memoir ‘What the **** is normal?!’ to help the OTJC raise funds. Francesca is an outspoken opponent of the Tory Governments welfare reforms and has consistently campaigned against cuts to disability benefits and on many other issues. She has challenged the government in numerous TV interviews including Newsnight and as a respected social commentator speaks at meetings and demos across the country against austerity cuts. Born with cerebral palsy Francesca’s funny and personal story illustrates with poignancy and wit how she confronts a world obsessed with being ‘normal’

We are “auctioning” her book (signed) to raise money for the OTJC the “Auction” will take place from today and close on the 15th of April email your bid to Starting at £10 highest bidder wins!