Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Letter from Theresa May, Home Secretary


Letter  from Theresa May, Home Secretary, 17/3/16 to our request for a progress  update, paraphrased below.  We are also seeking to have regular updates and to have early warning of any imminent announcements so we can organise a press conference At the NUM Barnsley Offices  24 hours  later of a decision.

“She states that OTJC’s legal submission is extensive in detail about 18/6/1984 and allegations about the police etc.  The length of time which it took us to prepare the submission( 5 months in total)  is recognised by the Home Secretary in terms of its thoroughness and exacting detail provided.
She feels it is important that any response from her recognises the effort that went into the preparation and that a proper analysis is undertaken by her Home Office Team. she states this anlaysis is drawing to an end and that she can provide a response shortly.”
Barbara Jackson
Joe Rollin