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Miners' Strike Memories

Durham Miners’ Banners On Display in Central London

A Packed Programme of Activity on the Miners’ Strike.

Four floors of an underground car park in the centre of London will be the dramatic setting for 50 of the Durham Miners’ Association banners. The venue is Leicester Square Car Park, 39-41 Whitcomb St, London WC2H 7DT.

The banners will be on display from 18 June (the 31st anniversary of the infamous display of police brutality at the battle of Orgreave) through to the 4 July. The banners will be on one floor. On another a dramatic art exhibition on the theme of the miners’ strike, Ashes and
Diamonds, will be on display.

Another floor will have videos projecting onto the walls of the car park. On the fourth floor will be a bar run by the Workers’ Beer Company, exhibitions and a series of talks, debates and films on the miners’ strike.

The event is free and is being organised by the Durham Miners’ Association with the support of a number of unions, including Unite and the GMB.  Watch out for further details about the programme of events or go to