Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign


Pressure builds for Orgreave inquiry amid information about government lies and cover ups

5 years ago on October 31st 2016 the Tory Home Secretary, Amber Rudd announced in Parliament there would be no Orgreave inquiry of any kind. The unacceptable reasons she gave were that it was too long ago, nobody died, there were no miscarriages of justice, policing had improved since 1984 so the police had nothing new to learn and that it wasn’t in the public interest to hold any kind of inquiry. 

We believe she did not examine relevant evidence and prevented an inquiry to protect the legacy of the 1984/5 Tory Government. Today’s Tory Government is still preventing an Orgreave Inquiry. 

Government involvement in the 1984/5 Miners’ Strike, police brutality against strikers, wrongful arrests of miners, falsified police statements, police lying under oath in court and media smears which deliberately created a false narrative against strikers, are some of the reasons why it is in the public interest to hold an inquiry. 

Kate Flannery, Secretary of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign said:”We recently learned what we had suspected all along, that the Tories don’t want an inquiry because the truth would damage the legacy of Margaret Thatcher’s government. For many, the nightmare of Orgreave is as fresh as if it happened yesterday. The Prime Minister and Home Secretary have ignored our request to meet with them”

Kevin Horne, Miner assaulted by the police and arrested at Orgreave said:
“You have to wonder why the government is so scared of revealing the truth about Orgreave. The outcome of an inquiry will be unpleasant for them but the continuation of lies and cover ups is an ugly threat to the future of justice and democracy in Britain”

Holding an Orgreave Inquiry is still very much a live issue with a high degree of public interest and unrest about lack of scrutiny and accountability. Whilst there are a large number of documents in the public domain, the government has still not made it possible to access all relevant documents and material or made any attempt to officially reveal their content in any thorough and authoritative way.