Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign


The OTJC are deeply saddened to learn that Mark George has died.

Mark George KC was an exceptional barrister, a committed collaborator in the fight for truth and justice and an experienced defence trial advocate specialising in serious crime. He also appeared in criminal appeals and conducted miscarriage of justice work. His legal aptitude, dedication and integrity were evident throughout the Hillsborough Inquests. Mark was determined to do his best for the families and survivors and played a pivotal role in ensuring the verdict of unlawful killing.

Mark was a valued and active ally of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign. He represented a number of miners in court cases during the 84/5 strike. As a socialist and legal commentator on criminal justice, civil liberties, human rights, legal aid and access to justice, after reading through the officers statements from the 1985 Orgreave trial, Mark wrote extensively about Orgreave, exposing the collusion and fabrication of police evidence. His input into a BBC Inside Out programme about Orgreave in 2012 contributed to the foundation of our campaign. Mark was also an informative speaker at many of our events and meetings as well as other meetings organised about Orgreave and the miners’ strike. He regularly offered to make himself available to us for legal advice and his forensic analysis would have made a brilliant contribution to an Orgreave inquiry. 

Mark dedicated time to representing people faced with the death penalty in the US, providing important support to many vulnerable people. He regularly offered tutelage and friendship to junior barristers to support the next generation of lawyers. Selfless, kind and  supportive in life and work, Mark brought positivity, humour and warmth to people’s lives and was loved and respected by many. 

Condolences and solidarity to Mark’s family, comrades, colleagues and friends.

Rest In Power Mark