Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Orgreave Support Motions

Dear Orgreave Campaign,

I thought that I would let you about the support for the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign that I have been trying to stimulate.

My branch, Berkshire Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Unite Community, submitted the attached motion to Oxford Trades Council who passed it unanimously. A slightly amended version was submitted by the Reading RMT Branch to both Reading Trades Council and the RMT regional council. Another slightly amended version was submitted by Somerset Unite Community Branch to Bridgwater Trades Council, who again passed the motion unanimously.

I understand that last night Witney Labour Party debated another motion of support for the Orgreave Campaign.

I have also attached my report to Oxford and Bridgwater Trades Councils on the Justice Conference that you expertly organised at the beginning of October. Thank you very much for allowing me to attend.

I hope that renewed pressure on the Government will produce a proper public inquiry into the events at Orgreave all those years ago.

In solidarity

Kate Pearce
Unite SE/100C8 Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Community Branch