Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign continue fight for Truth and Justice

At our AGM this week the OTJC reaffirmed our commitment to the fight for Truth and Justice. Our vibrant and high profile Campaign was set up to press for a public inquiry into the policing of Miners picketing the Orgreave Coking Plant on 18th June 1984 during the Miners’ Strike. Striking miners were brutalised by police and 95 were arrested on spurious charges. The court case the following year collapsed due to the falsification of police evidence and alleged perjury. Neither the police nor the Tory government have admitted liability for assault, wrongful arrest and malicious prosecutions, and not one officer has ever been disciplined for any offence.

May’s government has decided that the police’s momentous misconduct in 1984 can be left unaddressed, because  they believe there was no sufficient basis for an inquiry partly because “nobody died” at Orgreave and there was “no miscarriage of justice”. This is a disturbing conclusion of the miners’ ordeals. They were beaten by police, falsely accused of crimes that could have meant a life in prison and traumatised, causing lasting damage. The Bishop of Sheffield has offered to assist the Home Office in setting up an Orgreave Independent Panel, commissioned by the Home Office, arguing that it would be of real public benefit. However the current Home Secretary, Sajid Javid has even rejected this offer and refuses to meet campaigners on the basis that it “would not be beneficial”.

OTJC are encouraging supporters to write to Sajid Javid or use social media urging him to hold an Orgreave Inquiry. Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has promised an inquiry when Labour are elected to power.

The OTJC are also encouraging supporters to join us and attend our Annual Orgreave Rally at 1pm on 15th June 2019 commemorating the 35th Anniversary of Orgreave and the Miners’ Strike.

Contact Sajid Javid


Tweet Sajid Javid, Home Secretary:  @sajidjavid and @ukhomeoffice and demand Justice For Orgreave using the hashtag #orgreavejustice in your Tweet