Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

OTJC wins prestigious award

The Ron Todd Foundation was founded in memory of Ron Todd (1927-2005), General Secretary of one of the biggest trade unions in Britain, the Transport and General Workers Union. 

The Ron Todd Foundation recognises that every issue is a trade union issue. It champions collectivism to provide relief of poverty and social injustice, bringing about change in the individual and wider community through the provision of social education, training and a specific set of projects which at their core are based around grassroots community engagement. 

Each year the Ron Todd Foundation hosts a Ron Todd lecture and at this event present a series of Ron Todd Awards. This year the Orgreave Truth and Justice campaign was nominated for the award for Social Justice and the RTF board of trustees have informed us that our campaign is the winner of this category. We are deeply honoured to have been given this award and it is so uplifting for us to have our campaigning work recognised and acknowledged in this way. 

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