Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Solidarity with Zak King and Alfie Meadows

The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign is pleased for its name to be added to the public letter in support of Alfie Meadows and Zak King to be published before the start of their trial.  Below is our statement of support.

OTJC was privileged to meet and share a platform with Alfie for the first time,  last night here in Sheffield at the “how do we get justice” public meeting. We have seen the photograph of Alfie ‘s horrific head injury caused by a police truncheon and our reaction is to be completely appalled that a defenseless young man on a demonstration should end up with life threatening injuries.

Once again the common link between Alfie and the other students and the miners in their year long fight is  police brutality, police acting beyond, above and outside the law with the tacit consent of the current government in the case of the student demonstrations and with the overt agreement of the Thatcher Government during the miners’ strike.

The police in these situation act like a militia dealing with an insurrection, acting as a political arm of the government of the day.  The way we can defeat these  unacceptable  practices and laws is by standing together in unity.  Alfie and the other students are now receiving a life experience education which cannot be taught in any educational establishment and this will stand them in good stead in their lives in  the long fight ahead for peace, justice and a good public services.

More info on Alfie and Zak here: