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Undermined – A Play by Danny Mellor

Members of Unite the union have come together to help create a special Scottish tour for a critically-acclaimed play based on the events of the Miners’ Strike.

‘Undermined’ is a one-man show by actor, writer and director, Danny Mellor.

Inspired by the accounts of miners who lived through the strike between 1984 and 1985, it tells the story of picketing miner Dale. The play explores the events and hardships that Dale – and many other miners – faced throughout the struggle.

Thanks to the support of Unite Community and Unite local activists, the play is to go on tour around Scotland, visiting:

There is also to be a special performance at the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 26 April.

Danny Mellor said:

“I’m really pleased to get this chance to take Undermined on tour around Scotland. It’s a story about friendship and community, that’s based on real-life stories, and that gives audiences a new perspective on the strike. We take people on the journey that Dale and his friends went through, which was divisive at times, but which ends up offering a message of unity and solidarity.”

Unite Community co-ordinator in Scotland Jamie Caldwell said:

“Undermined has got great reviews wherever it’s been performed, and we hope that people in Scotland come out to experience it for themselves. It’s especially appropriate as we come up to celebrations of International Workers’ Day on 1 May.

“I’m a musician myself, so I’m especially looking forward to hearing the classic 1980s soundtrack.

“But this is also a great opportunity for ordinary people to come and experience an important a part of working-class history – and to hopefully take away some lessons that will be of use in their lives and struggles today.”


For more information about Undermined, please download the tour pack here:

Undermined Tour Pack