Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign
Fund Raising


The Orgreave Campaign has been donated two items which we want to auction off to the highest bider to raise funds to continue the work of the Orgreave Campaign .

Please email your bids and the name of the item and why you are interested in it to

Bidding  will remain open for one month until 18th May 2017.

First item – A woman’s tee shirt, in light orange, medium size, worn before but signed by Arthur Scargill and horse hoof prints depicted on the back relating to the events at Orgreave, 18/6/1984.

Second Item – A series of 6 colour photographs taken and donated by Megan Cahill Student at Huddersfield University as part of her degree project.  they depict a piece of coal in its raw state and then covered in increasing amounts of blood, reflecting the long history of deep coal mining in the land mass of Britain.