The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign are saddened by the death of Nigel Young. Nigel, a Jewish boy from the East End of London; lifelong socialist; teacher, poet and playwright, was born in 1946. He came out as Gay in the 60s, while it was still illegal, and became one of the pioneers of Gay Liberation and especially the Gay Left Collective in the 70s, the first systematic attempt to unite the new Gay movement with working people and the struggle for socialism. He jointly founded the Gay Teachers’ Group in the 70s  in the face of shocking hostility and smears.

Nigel was central to Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners in 1984-5, compering the iconic Pits and Perverts Ball,  and providing a crucial link to the previous generation of socialist Gay activists. For almost 39 years Nigel was the love of the life of our friend and comrade, Jonathan Blake. Rest in Power Nigel.