Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Orgreave Mass Picnic! & Festival – Free Transport from Barnsley

TheTUC agreed to support Orgreave Mass picnic! & Festival Saturday, 14 June 2014. If anybody to attend the event, Barnsley’s Trades Council is providing transport from Barnsley picking up in Barnsley at 10:30 AM returning to Barnsley at 7 PM. The coach will be picking up outside the White Bear, Church Street Barnsley. Therefore if anybody wants to book place on the bus please let Dave Gibson know ASAP. The bus is free to all


Dave contacts details are the following:- Email: Tele: 07594857960

Please make every effort to circulate to as many members as possible and non members so we can ensure that one of the greatest political struggle for jobs and communities can be remembered. Yours in solidarity Brian Steele Barnsley Trades Union Council Secretary