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With Banners Held High

The Last Shift

These are the lyrics to The Hurriers new song about the closure and destruction of our proud mining industry. This song will be played live at With Banners Held High 2016 for the first time.

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Told through the eyes of one of the miners coming up on that last shift, it’s the story of the Kellingley closure, the death of our once proud mining industry and what that will mean to mining families and our communities.

The Last Shift

My precious son you followed me
How could I know how things would be
I said it’s hard but you’ll have a laugh
You’ll scrub your comrade’s dust stained back
The sun will sting when you come back up
You’ll soon hold dear your brothers love

Dad you worked there your Dad too
But now it’s gone the end it’s through
Workmates long gone RIP
At least our tears they’ll never see
They walked out proud with heads held high
We faced press from far and wide

Darling wife stood by me strong
Always proud of where we’re from
They did their best to kill us off
But this a battle, not our war lost
Now go buy those new white sheets
And we will walk a different street

And last my Grandson now what for you
That chance we had has gone it’s true
With empty shops and ghost towns there
You’ll leave this place for who knows where
Who can blame you nothing left
The soul torn out, left dead bereft

From a hard days graft for a fair days pay
To a brain dead role with a minimum wage
From a job for life to a zero hours
That sweet true life has all gone sour

Grandma, Mother, daughter, wife
A bitter end to a once proud life
Husband, Father, Grandad, son
It’s gone for good the last shift’s done