Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Calls for an Orgreave Public Inquiry Escalate

Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign set to meet new Home Secretary Amber Rudd

A deputation from the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign (OTJC) will meet Home Secretary Amber Rudd on Tuesday 13th September to reinforce the case for a public inquiry into the brutality of the policing of pickets at the Orgreave coking plant on 18 June 1984 during the 84/5 Miners Strike. The OTJC presented a legal submission to the previous Home Secretary Theresa May in December 2015 outlining the case for an inquiry and are expecting Amber Rudd to have reached a positive decision about ordering a public inquiry.

Amber Rudd confirmed when questioned in Parliament on 5th September that “I am meeting members of Orgreave Truth and Justice, and I look forward to having the opportunity to hear from them. The Government have not shirked in looking at historical cases…”

OTJC member and picketing miner at Orgreave Kevin Horne said “Expectations in the mining communities are that a public inquiry will finally mean justice for Orgreave. It is also essential that public trust in the police is rebuilt”

OTJC Secretary Barbara Jackson said “The previous Home Secretary and the current Home Secretary have had ample time to read through and consider our legal submission. A response was expected by March this year. We are therefore hopeful that an inquiry decision is imminent”

The Shadow Home Secretary, Andy Burnham in his powerful Commons statement last April 2016 said, “I promised the families the full truth about Hillsborough. I don’t believe we will have that until we have the full truth about Orgreave.’ The South Yorkshire Police, he continued, ‘used the same underhand tactics against its own people in the aftermath of the miners’ strike that it would later use with such deadly effect against the people of Liverpool.”

The OTJC has mounted an imaginative publicity campaign calling for an inquiry e.g. using public meetings, social media, Bill boards, writing to MPs, organising public events etc. and the campaign has magnificent public and political support.

Outline of plans for Tuesday 13th September

11:30 Photographs with OTJC and supporters outside Parliament at the Old Palace Yard Square with MPs and Lords. Opportunities for media interviews.

12:15 OTJC and supporters meeting in Parliament, Committee Room 10. Media welcome.

2 – 3pm  Parliament Committee Room 7 pre meeting of the delegation to plan prior to Amber Rudd meeting

16:30 OTJC delegation meets Home Secretary Amber Rudd at the Home Office, Marsham Street. Opportunities for media interviews around 16:00 outside the Home Office.

17:45 OTJC meeting with the Home Secretary will conclude at approximately this time and there will be opportunities for media interviews outside the Home Office.

The OTJC is encouraging and would welcome supporters to come along to the different locations throughout the day with banners and placards.