Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Support for the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom

The OTJC is affiliated to the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (CPBF)  which is now very
focused on blocking the Murdoch bid for full control of Sky. CPBF is the only campaign that Orgreave Campaigners have affiliated and this is due our long memory’s about how the media in all its forms  reported on the miners’ strike in 84/5 and the years after wards. 
We urge anyone who has an interest in diversity of media ownership and freedom of the press to down load the two attachments and respond before the deadline to
An emergency resolution at the regional TUC on Sunday morning gave full backing to this.
We have attached the latest Free Press (just gone to printers)in two parts – one the mag with the supplement and the other the separate supplement. We would really appreciate any help our supporters could give in spreading the word through OTJC networks.
The key thing is that Ofcom have set a ridiculously short deadline of 30 March for submissions: